Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory

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SPIRITUAL CINEMA SEASON: Stanley Kubrick’s blistering indictment of military politics is an unforgettable movie experience and perhaps his best film.

Adapted from a 1935 Herbert Cobb novel, in turn based on real events, this is a brilliant tale of horror in the trenches. General Mireau (George Macready) orders a suicidal charge on a German stronghold which unsurprisingly turns into a fiasco, and later orders 3 soldiers to be randomly chosen to be shot for cowardice. Kirk Douglas is unforgettable as Colonel Dax, who is repulsed by the General’s arrogant incompetence, and so decides to defend the innocent men in their court-martial.

Filmed just outside Munich, Kubrick and his 60-man crew spent 3 weeks creating one of the most realistic WW1 battlefields committed to film. They demolished barns, destroyed the vegetation and shredded trees with explosives. They dug crater holes, set up barbed wire, littered the fields with debris and then used 800 German military trained policemen for the assault sequence, which resembles actual film footage from WW1. To watch this film is to experience the birth of one of the greatest directors of the 20th Century.

Screened as part of a four film ‘Spiritual Cinema’ season, each introduced by Anthony Cane, Chancellor of Chichester Cathedral.
PATHS OF GLORY: Mon 18 Jun 15:00
JOYEUX NOEL: Mon 25 Jun 15:00
HOTEL RWANDA: Mon 2 Jul 15:00
PATHS TO THE SOUL: Mon 9 Jul 15:00
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