Paths of the Soul Kang rinpoche

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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

SPIRITUAL CINEMA SEASON: Winner of the Audience Award at the 2016 Chichester Film Festival.

This docu-drama follows the journey of a group of Tibetans on a bowing pilgrimage across the world's highest plateau to Lasa, the holy capital of Tibet. Road movies are a staple of cinema but they are rarely as breath-taking, immersive and intense as this.

The director 'cast' a group of Tibetan villagers who were planning the traditional Buddhist pilgrimage to Lhasa - a sort of once-in-a-lifetime act of devotion akin to the Islamic Hajj - and structured a lose narrative around their incredible 1,200-mile journey. This is a moving testament to a mutual devotion of spirituality, a fantastic and refreshingly benevolent look at a different culture. Blurring the confines between documentary and fiction, it takes the empathetic viewer on an incredible journey. (Subtitles)

Screened as part of a four film ‘Spiritual Cinema’ season, each introduced by Anthony Cane, Chancellor of Chichester Cathedral.
PATHS OF GLORY: Mon 18 Jun 15:00
JOYEUX NOEL: Mon 25 Jun 15:00
HOTEL RWANDA: Mon 2 Jul 15:00
PATHS TO THE SOUL: Mon 9 Jul 15:00
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