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Rupert Julian, + Lon Chaney & Ernst Laemmle (Uncredited) | 1925 | 101 MINS
USA | Subtitles
We started this series of Gothic films in the Chapel with ‘Phantom of the Opera’ with Ben Hall on organ in 2012, thirteen years ago.

In Detail

One of the most eminent horror films ever made and perhaps even the most famous silent horror movie from that time. Lon Chaney starred in over 150 films (most of them silent ones) but he'll always be remembered best for his personification of Erik, the Phantom. And justified!

Even though this role was played by many respectable actors afterwards (like Claude Rains, Herbert Lom and Robert Englund) Lon Chaney is – and remains – the one and only Phantom of the Opera.

The film itself is depressing and dark, with terrific photography and settings. Deep down the catacombs of the Parisian Opera building, the phantom reigns in forgotten dungeons and underground lakes. After all these years of dwelling in the opera, he has fallen in love with the unsuccessful singer, Christine.

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