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Mark Jones | 2023 | 35 MINS
This urban documentary is based on upcoming, UK based rapper, Proph, who is destined for the very top - an area currently populated by individuals such as Stormzy, Dave, and Little Simz.

In Detail

Join host Lawrie Wilson as he embarks on a captivating journey alongside rising UK rapper Proph in this enthralling short documentary.

Delve into the heart of Proph's artistry as Lawrie accompanies him to significant locations that have shaped his past, define his present, and hold the key to his future. From gritty street corners where Proph honed his lyrical skills to the vibrant recording studios where his creativity blossoms, witness the raw energy and passion that fuels his music.

Gain exclusive access to the people and places that have influenced Proph's unique style, as Lawrie unravels the stories behind the artist's life.

As they navigate the vibrant tapestry of Proph's world, Lawrie and Proph explore the intertwining threads of personal struggle, cultural heritage, and creative expression. Through intimate interviews and powerful performances, this documentary immerses viewers in the authenticity and intensity of Proph's artistry.

We hope to welcome Lawrie Wilson and director Mark Jones to introduce their documentary and discuss this project after the screening.