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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

From conception to completion, this is the story of an oil painting and its subsequent sale. An unflinching examination of the intention and techniques of the artist Peter Howson, as he creates his monumental, apocalyptic painting; ‘Prophecy’.

The studio is chaotic. Piles of brushes lie around, some still clogged with paint. Tools and materials are stacked up on shelves, yet the artist knows exactly where to find each item as he needs it. He works with a diligent, determined air, never seeming to struggle to find focus.

Director Charlie Paul and producer Lucy Paul previously made the charming Ralph Steadman profile ‘For No Good Reason’, and they understand the value of just staying out of their subject’s way as he works. The three-dimensionality, the lucidity of the oils - as much as the graceful movement of the camera - draws us deep into the artist’s world.