Rattigan on Page and Screen Rosemary Coxon Talk

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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

A different take on ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ at Chichester Festival Theatre and other Rattigan plays, this talk examines Rattigan’s works which became successful films.

As well as ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ we will look at ‘The Winslow Boy’ and several other of his plays. A deeply troubled man in many ways, we will examine how the inner turmoil of his life is evidenced in his writing and films.

‘The Deep Blue Sea’ (Rachel Weitz, Tom Hiddlestone) will be screened at New Park in June (date tbc) with an introduction by Rosemary Coxon. 120m

Fri 7 Jun 13:30 (Studio)

Tickets £6.50

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