Reading the Language of Cinema Day Course

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Day Course with Richard Cupidi:
All films are made, constructed. Whether an art house indie or studio blockbuster, all films are composed of identical cinematic DNA: directing, editing, cinematography, sound, lighting, acting and script.

In this informal and interactive workshop, we’ll explore how these basic film elements function individually and then work together to create complex narratives, develop themes and meanings, sustain mood, atmosphere and pace - in other words, how they make the film come alive. Being familiar with film language and construction not only enriches our experience as filmgoers, it also provides us with some common ground for discussing films.

Throughout the morning we’ll investigate the “how” process using examples drawn from a wide range of films, observing how cinematic techniques transform into the flow of movement and story. Later in the day, we’ll put our newfound film literacy into practice as we watch a short film together and then critically discuss it. To paraphrase the great film critic Roger Ebert, this illuminating process of reading a film is “truly a democracy in the dark”. Everyone welcome.

Tickets £10 (Friends/Students £9) - Complimentary coffee and tea on arrival.

Sat 14 Oct 10:00 – 15:00 (Studio)

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