Red Joan

Red Joan

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The extraordinary true story of Joan Stanley (Dame Judi Dench), who was exposed as the KGB's longest-serving British spy.

In a picturesque village in England, Joan lives in contented retirement, when suddenly, her tranquil existence is shattered as she's shockingly arrested by MI5. For Joan has been hiding an incredible past; she is one of the most influential spies in living history. At Cambridge University in the 1930s, the young Joan (Sophie Cookson), a demure physics student, falls intensely in love with a seductively attractive Russian saboteur, Leo (Tom Hughes).

Through him, she begins to see that the world is on a knife-edge and perhaps must be saved from itself in the race to military supremacy. Post-war and now working at a top-secret nuclear research facility, Joan is confronted with the impossible: Would you betray your country and your loved ones, if it meant saving them? What price would you pay for peace?

This is a taut and emotional discovery of one woman's sacrifice in the face of incredible circumstances. A woman to whom we perhaps all owe our freedom.