Richard III (Plus Intro Documentary and Q&A) Shakespeare 400

Richard III (Plus Intro Documentary and Q&A)

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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

A highlight of the BFI's ‘Shakespeare on Film’ programme (a series of events throughout 2016 celebrating the lasting legacy of William Shakespeare, 400 years after his death) features a new documentary, the 1995 film screening from a new 2K restoration and a Q&A with Ian McKellen and director Richard Loncraine.

A newly created short documentary featuring Ian McKellen visiting locations involved in the film and the play, discussing the process of adapting the play for the screen and reflecting on his process as an actor. 10m

Having produced and starred in the Royal National Theatre's world tour of Richard III from 1990 - 1992, Ian McKellen began work on his first screenplay with the aim of creating a unique film adaptation that could be accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Combining his Shakespearean background with Richard Loncraine's visual dynamism and recruiting an ensemble of British and American acting talent, McKellen produced a striking interpretation of Richard III - transferring the action to an imagined war-wracked Europe of the 1930s and transforming Shakespeare's most notorious villain into a fascistic despot.

It is the 1930s, and a long and bloody civil war has divided the nation as two powerful families battle for the crown. The end of the war comes suddenly when the reigning King and his heir are killed by the Commander-in-Chief of the York faction, Richard of Gloucester. Richard's elder brother, Edward, takes the throne, establishing a shaky peace over the nation. But Richard, shunning the dreary calm of peacetime, turns his attention to a new, private war within the House of York. Brother to a sickly King and Lord Protector to a vulnerable young heir, he sets in motion a murderous plot to divide his family, eliminate his rivals and usurp the throne.
Ian McKellen - Richard III; Annette Bening - Queen Elizabeth; Jim Broadbent – Buckingham; Robert Downey, Jr. – Rivers; Nigel Hawthorne – Clarence; Kristin Scott Thomas - Lady Anne; Maggie Smith - Duchess of York; John Wood - King Edward.
UK 1996 Richard Loncraine 104m

A post-film discussion between Ian McKellen and Richard Loncraine, broadcast live from the BFI Southbank. Audience members will be invited to submit questions for the discussion via social media. Approx 30m.

Total event running time: approximately 145 minutes

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