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Ed Blum | 2006 | 91 MINS
On a single afternoon in one of London’s most famous – and occasionally infamous – locations, the relationships of seven couples are examined with poignancy and wit.

In Detail

The setting is Hampstead Heath, where Andrew Lincoln's wife catches him drooling over a nubile French student; Catherine Tate and Adrian Lester amble through the most amicable divorce ever; Ewan McGregor promises his partner Douglas Hodge that he'll stop straying if they can start a family; Tom Hardy's chancer tries his hand with the stressed Sophie Okonedo; Gina McKee and Hugh Bonneville struggle through a blind-date picnic; businessman Mark Strong appears to have a great relationship on the go; and old timers Eileen Aitkins and Benjamin Whitrow find themselves wandering into the past. This entertaining, intelligent and beautifully wrought film is a veritable showcase of some of Britain's finest actors.

Hugh Bonneville writes: “Featuring a then little-known Tom Hardy among its large cast, this is a kaleidoscope of duets about loves sought, won, missed and lost. I think each pair of actors filmed for one day. Talk about micro-budget - thank God it didn’t rain for my scene with Gina McKee as there was no plan B.“

Our thanks to Martin Myers for this screening.

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