School of Life L'Ecole Buissonnière

School of Life

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Paul (Solal de Montalivet) is sent from his austere orphanage home in working-class Paris in 1930 to live in the country with the cheerful Célestine and her taciturn game-keeper husband, on a vast estate belonging to Count de la Fresnaye.

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While out exploring, Paul meets Totoche (François Cluzet), a kindly poacher, who teaches him the secrets of the forest, the ponds and wildlife. As Paul begins his strange apprenticeship gathering mushrooms and poaching fish and game, he begins to realise it is no coincidence that he has come to this unknown place. A wonderful period evocation of boyhood and discovery.

Cast François Cluzet, Jean Sandel, Eric Elmosinino, François Berleand, Valérie Karsenti.