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School’s Out

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A high school teacher throws himself from the classroom window before the terrified eyes of his students. Despite the tragedy, six of them remain oddly cool and unemotional.

Pierre (played by Laurent Lafitte), the new substitute teacher, notices the hostile behaviour of this close-knit clique. Smart and precocious, the six teenagers seem to be preparing a mysterious plan after school. Pierre becomes obsessed with them and is quickly sucked into their sinister game. His life soon turns into a nightmare as the total separation and wall of misunderstanding between the generations intensifies.

Cleverly flirting with genre conventions, without ever truly becoming a horror film, Sébastien Marnier’s elusive and disquieting debut is as enigmatic as the creepy kids at its core. Impeccably performed and shot with careful precision, this is one of those films that truly gets under your skin and stays there. Cast: Laurent Lafitte, Emmanuelle Bercot, Gringe, Pascal Greggory, Grégory Montel. (Subtitles)

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