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A forgotten European Song Contest singer (Isabelle Huppert), fading away in a pâté factory, falls in love with a young aspiring boxer. Together they decide to attempt her comeback.

Huppert stars as Liliane, a middle-aged factory worker whose long-ago brush with fame comes to the fore again when she begins her romance with her colleague Jean (Kévin Azaïs, who is like a breath of fresh air). The young man who boxes in his spare time is intrigued by Liliane, and so is eager to become her friend.

Huppert shows her appetite for taking on a variety of different roles with a wide range of directors. Well into her fifth decade as an actor, she has created a filmography second to none, and with ‘Souvenir’, she again shows how willing she is to challenge, explore, and expand her artistry. Amazingly, Huppert did her own singing to music from Pink Martini, and lyrics co-written by the director and producer. Her moments on screen singing are some of the best in the film. Her versatility knows no bounds! (Subtitles)