Steel Country

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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

WINNER OF BEST INDEPENDENT FILM at the 2018 Chichester International Film Festival.

A young boy goes missing in a sleepy backwoods town, a local sanitation truck driver plays detective, embarking on a precarious and obsessive investigation. An edge-of-your-seat revenge thriller).

Donny Devlin (Andrew Scott) is a Pennsylvania garbage man in a former steel town that has seen brighter days. A delicate single father, suffering from autism, he spends his days collecting the trash from residents of this one-horse town alongside his best friend Donna, and in his off-time, focuses his energies on being the best father he can be to his young daughter Wendy. But when a young neighbourhood boy goes missing, Donny starts to fixate on finding out what has happened to him.

Set in Trump’s America, the film references many issues faced by the US under the current regime. Released now after its initial screening at the Chichester International Film Festival in August 2018.