Sweet Dreams Fai Bei Sogni

Sweet Dreams

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Turin 1969. Massimo, a young boy of nine, loses his mother in mysterious circumstances, and a few days later, his father leads him to a priest who explains that she is now in heaven – an explanation that Massimo refuses to accept.

As the story unfolds and young Massimo grows into a man, Italy changes radically before his eyes. The mass emotions of the rowdy soccer crowds in 1969 Turin and the innocent pleasure of watching Raffaella Carra’s daring dances on TV describe an entire universe outside the rambling apartment where little Massimo (the wonderfully expressive Nicolo Cabras) lives with his pretty mom (an appealing, slightly off-kilter Barbara Ronchi) and handsome if distant dad (Guido Caprino).

By 1990, Massimo has became an accomplished journalist, but his mysterious past still haunts him. Carlo Crivelli’s beautiful orchestral score coolly alternates with lively pop songs of the day. (Subtitles)