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Declan Recks | 2022 | 94 MINS
Ireland | Subtitles
International Panorama: Ireland

A woman returns to her home on Ireland's southwest coast after her father suffers a heart attack. She finds herself returning to the competitive world of rowing in Naomhógs, native Irish boats.

In Detail

Aoife (Kelly Gough) returns home to help her father, Breandán ‘The Bear’ Ó Braoin (Lorcan Cranitch), recover from a heart attack. Day to day they get along just fine, but as we dig a little deeper we find that much has been left unsaid about the loss of Aoife’s mother.

The combination of female solidarity of these ‘sisters of the sea’ and a sharp focus on healing family wounds helps this feelgood feature sail over the waves of predictability for a sweet landing on solid home ground. The beautiful backdrop of the Kerry coastline alone makes the film a worthwhile watch.

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