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The Big Risk

Classe Tous Risques

Claude Sautet | 1960 | 104 MINS
France/Italy | Subtitles
French Film Festival UK

The first of two cracking classic 1960s French crime thrillers. As the police close in, a wanted Frenchman assesses his relationship with his estranged family and his former friends.

In Detail

Lino Ventura is Abel, a Parisian gangster sentenced to death while on the run in Italy, and now pulling off robberies to feed his wife and two children.

When things go horribly wrong, he discovers his old buddies are unwilling to help him. Insultingly, they entrust a rescue mission to a stranger, played by the breathtakingly stylish Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Despite the simmering resentment and betrayal, a friendship develops between these two strangers. What a treat.


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