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The Candidate

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A Spanish politician whose high-class lifestyle is based on nefarious and illegal business threatens to break his entire party after a newspaper expose him to the public eye.

2007. Manuel López-Vidal (Antonio de la Torre) is a veteran Spanish politician and the right-hand of Frías (Josep Maria Pou), an autonomous community's president. Manuel lives a high-class lifestyle with his wife Inés (Mónica López) and his teen daughter Nati.

But behind his long career and the respect of his party's partners and friends, the truth is totally different: Manuel is a crooked and corrupt man who for many years, together his friends, has used his political position to deviate foreign aid and strived to accumulate wealthy by any way possible, be it legal or not.

A beautifully shot film which grows progressively more engrossing as it develops. Well worth a watch! (Subtitles)