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The Godfather: Coda

The Death of Michael Corleone

Francis Ford Coppolla | 1990 | 149 MINS
USA | Some Subtitles
The third act in the life of Michael Corleone who tries to go into respectable business by bailing out the Vatican’s financially embarrassed bank.

In Detail

The third film suffered on its initial release – not from the hands of the critics who mostly liked it – but from coming out three months after ‘Goodfellas’.

Coppola has tinkered with ‘Coda’ introducing a new beginning and end as well as rearranging some other scenes. The upshot is a film that lingers in the mind thanks in great part to the new ending that condemns Michael to a ‘death’ in which he doesn’t die.

Sophia Coppola’s performance still divides opinion, yet she embodies what a modern gangster’s daughter might be. ‘Coda’ truly does touch the grandeur of the first two films. Even if it can’t match it.

NB - We will also be screening 'The Godfather' and 'The Godfather: Part II' in this season.

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