The Handmaiden Ah-Ga-Ssi

The Handmaiden

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Park Chan-Wook (‘Oldboy’) brings us a gripping and sensual tale of a young Japanese Lady and a Korean woman hired to serve as her handmaiden, but secretly involved in a con to defraud her.

The twisting plot is derived from the 2002 Sarah Waters’s novel ‘Fingersmith’, about a pickpocket who impersonates a servant girl in an attempt to con an English heiress kept captive by her perverted uncle. Here Soo-Kee (Kim Tae-Ri) is the street-smart orphan catapulted into this mansion by the fraudulent Count Fujiwara (Ha Jung-Woo).

She is to help him make his fortune by marrying the innocent Lady Hideko (Kim Min-hee), kept cloistered by her tyrannical Uncle Kouzuki (Jo Jin-woong). Filled with bold strokes, startling images and cinematography that combines the poise of Japanese visual art and a good dose of Gothic atmosphere.