The Laundromat

The Laundromat

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Steven Soderbergh (‘Erin Brockovich’) assembles a super A-list cast in this story of a widow investigating an insurance fraud, leading her to a pair of Panama law partners exploiting the world's financial system.

When her idyllic vacation takes an unthinkable turn, Ellen Martin (Meryl Streep) begins investigating a fake insurance policy, only to find herself down a rabbit hole of questionable dealings that can be linked to a Panama City law firm and its vested interest in helping the world's wealthiest citizens amass even larger fortunes.

Founding partners Jürgen Mossack (Gary Oldman) and Ramón Fonseca (Antonio Banderas) are experts in the seductive ways shell companies and offshore accounts help the rich and powerful prosper. We soon find out that Ellen's predicament is only the tip of a financially seedy iceberg.