The Man Between

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Carol Reed’s underrated 1953 cold war thriller, starring James Mason, Claire Bloom, and Hildegarde Knieff in another stunningly restored print.


A later collaboration between James Mason and Carol Reed, ‘The Man Between’ is often considered a companion piece to ‘The Third Man’ thanks to its atmospheric portrayal of a city struggling to survive in a grim post-war reality of poverty and mistrust. The action is here transposed to a divided Berlin, and to the beginning of the Cold War.

Unlike the devilish Harry Lime, Mason’s world-weary dealer Ivo Kerr is ultimately still a decent man, compelled by his love for a naïve schoolteacher to make one last misguided trip through the Brandenberg Gate, with potentially tragic consequences. The Claire Bloom/Mason performances in the last 10-15 minutes is sublime and makes this comparable with ‘The Third Man’.

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