The Nights of Zayendeh-Rood

The Nights of Zayendeh-Rood

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Makhmalbaf made the film in Iran in 1990, but it was banned by Iranian censors. In 2016, some parts of the original negative were stolen from the archives of the Iranian censor and smuggled to the West allowing Makhmalbaf to restore the film. The restored version opened the Venice Classics section of the 2016 Venice Film Festival.


The film tells the story of an anthropologist and his daughter, and it unfolds during three different periods: before, during and after the Islamic Revolution. The daughter works in ER at a local hospital, where she treats suicidal patients.

The reason behind each suicide attempt is different, especially before and after the Revolution. Looking for a reason to be alive, one of the suicidal patients falls in love with the anthropologist’s daughter. However it is a forbidden love with some unexpected consequences. (Subtitles)

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