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The Post

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A cover-up that spanned four U.S. Presidents pushed the country's first female newspaper publisher and a hard-driving editor to join an unprecedented battle between journalist and government.

Steven Spielberg directs Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in a thrilling drama about the unlikely partnership between The Washington Post's Katharine Graham (Streep), the first female publisher of a major American newspaper, and editor Ben Bradlee (Hanks), as they race to catch up with The New York Times to expose a massive cover-up of government secrets that spanned three decades and four U.S. Presidents.

The two must overcome their differences as they risk their careers - and their very freedom - to help bring long-buried truths to light. ‘The Post’ marks the first time Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg have collaborated on a project.

Golden Globes: 6: Actress (Meryl Streep); Film; Actor (Tom Hanks); Director (Steven Spielberg); Screenplay (Liz Hannah, Josh Singer); Score (John Williams).