The War of the Roses 1989: Kathleen Turner Visit

The War of the Roses

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During the 40 years of the cinema, we were privileged to present many actors, directors, writers, producers etc, to introduce their works. And for the 6th Chichester Film Festival in 1997, I invited the legendary Hollywood actress Kathleen Turner to introduce one of her latest and most controversial films, ‘The War of the Roses’. In her Q&A she gave a fascinating and very amusing account of her work under director Danny DeVito to an enthralled audience. – Roger Gibson.

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Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito star in this cunning comedy about the demise of a marriage. Oliver (Douglas) and Barbara (Turner) Rose have been together for 18 years. Now Barbara wants a divorce, but when it comes to deciding who will get their sumptuous house neither is willing to give an inch.

Oliver’s lawyer (DeVito) offers some savvy advice, but it’s already too late. Oliver and Barbara become entangled in a mire of rapidly escalating spite and revenge as the war of the Roses moves towards its stunning conclusion. Extremely outrageous and very funny.

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