The World is Yours Le Monde Est à Toi

The World is Yours

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In this French heist comedy, a small-time dealer dreams of another life but can't afford it. To escape, he must accept one last job.

Whereas ‘Scarface’s Tony Montana came to the crime game as a refugee looking to make a name for himself, François (Karim Leklou) was born into a dog-eat-dog underworld full of killers and cheats.

François’ mom, Dany, (Isabelle Adjani), is a pathological con artist and expert safecracker totally consumed by self-interest. François’s dad isn’t in the picture anymore, but a conspiracy theorist named Henri (a hilarious Vincent Cassel) is happy to play the part, if only because he has a huge crush on Dany. François wants out of the game – he is just not cut out in the same vein as those around him - and so is forced into one last heist.

This is such an intoxicating delight because after the thrills and spills, it still manages to make us care. (Subtitles)