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This is Our Land

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This timely drama follows a young nurse and mother named Pauline (Émilie Dequenne), who is recruited by a right-wing politician resembling Marine Le Pen (Catherine Jacob) to be the approachable face of the National Front.

Although Pauline is not particularly concerned with politics, she is seduced by the promise of an increased salary to support her family and the opportunity to make her country a safer place. As she becomes more embroiled in political theater, Pauline begins to realise that the message she’s endorsing conflicts with her own beliefs. Also starring André Dussollier, ‘This Is Our Land’ offers a compelling look at the tensions leading up to the recent French election.

Cast Emilie Dequenne, André Dussolier, Guillaume Gouix, Catherine Jacob, Anne Marivin, Patrick Descamps, Charlotte Talpaert, Michel Ferracci, Jean-Louis Sbille, Corentin Lobet, Stéphane Caillard.

“Visually the film is in keeping with Belvaux’s solid, handsomely crafted style” - Variety