Through Lotte’s Lens

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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

Special Guest: Director Tony Britten:
This film tells the story of the ‘Hitler émigrés’ - the many thousands of people, mainly but not exclusively Jews, who found safe have in the UK after Hitler came to power, and the many contributions they made to their adopted country.

Director Tony Britten says: “I have been fascinated by the profound influence that the immigrants from Nazi Germany and Austria in the 1930’s had on the arts, science and business of the UK. When I discovered the collection of celebrated photographer Lotte Meitner-Graf, it seemed like a wonderful door was opening on this project”. Lotte’s escape from Austria in 1938 mirrored many of her compatriots, and subsequent subjects. She settled in London and after the war opened a studio in Bond Street. This documentary attempts to ‘re-create’ that studio, and those that passed through it.

We welcome director Tony Britten back to Chichester to introduce and Q&A his film.