Thunder Road

Thunder Road

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‘Thunder Road’ deftly balances emotionally affecting drama against bruising comedy - and serves as an outstanding calling card for writer-director-star Jim Cummings.

The film follows a Texas police officer (Cummings) on the verge of a meltdown, partially over resentment toward the wife (Jocelyn DeBoer) who left him, and also because of the death of his mother.

The first scene finds Jim struggling mightily (and hilariously) through the eulogy at her funeral, and it really establishes his unusual mixture of cheesy politeness and raw-nerve emotion. This is a 12-minute opening scene that you will not forget!

Bookended with a monologue towards the end of the film that will leave you breathless, Cummings proves that he is a filmmaker and director to watch with this humanistic story that will make you laugh and cry until it hurts.