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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

English Premiere:
A tense, sometimes darkly funny kidnapping story set in modern day Iraq.

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Two mercenaries ride a wave of pitch-black camaraderie as they travel through the desert night on their way to carry out a kidnapping in Iraq. As the raid progresses, their frenzied world turns in on itself as past misdeeds come to the surface, and violently threatening to tear them apart. ‘Tiger Raid’ is an exciting story focusing on the relationship between two Irish Mercenaries in the Iraqi Desert, both of whom are sent on a simple kidnapping by an unknown figure named Dave.

The mercenary’s volatile relationship unfolds and unforeseen events turn their plans upside down, testing their mental toughness to the limit! The Tarantino-esque dialogue, stuffed with foul language, keeps the viewer involved in the characters’ interactions and development.

The portrayal of Joe by Brian Gleeson is one of his best performances to date, adding a mental, slightly insane grittiness to the film. It takes you on a journey into the minds of men who kill for money and for sport. This vibrant and unapologetically violent ride is engrossing from every angle. Premiered at Tribeca Festival midnight screening to great enthusiasm.

We are delighted to welcome Simon Dixon (director) and Gareth Coulam Evans (producer) for an in depth Q&A

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