Too Late to Die Young Tarde Para Morir Joven

Too Late to Die Young

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One family's experiences are the foundation for this dreamily absorbing drama with a poignant, lingering warmth.

The summer of 1990 was a time of change for Chile, as the fall of one government led to the rise of a more democratic era. In an isolated community, Sofía (16) (Demian Hernández), Lucas (16) (Antar Machado) and Clara (10) (Magdalena Tótoro), face their first loves and fears, while preparing for New Year's Eve. They may live far from the dangers of the city, but not from those of nature.

The young characters and the country they are in, present a collective portrait of a society coming to terms, often messily, with the new opportunities around them. This is another great entry in the ‘coming-of-age’ genre, told with acute precision from its award-winning director.