Transit (2019)

Transit (2019)

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A man attempting to escape German-occupied France falls in love with the wife of a dead author whose identity he has assumed.

German troops are fast approaching Paris. Georg (Franz Rogowski), a German refugee, escapes to Marseille in the nick of time. In his luggage, he carries the documents of an author, Weidel, who has taken his own life in fear of his persecutors. Those documents include a manuscript, letters and visa assurance from the Mexican embassy. In Marseille, only those who can prove they will leave, may remain. Everything changes when Georg falls in love with the mysterious Marie (Paula Beer). This it is not a routine World War II vintage costume drama.

Director-Writer Christian Petzold has chosen to set the entire story in present day France. There are no Nazis, no swastikas, and no political explanations. There are only the omnipresent French police checking papers in the street, raiding hotels and apartments. (Subtitles)