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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

The creators of ‘Juno’ bring us a marvelous movie about a struggling mother saved by a millennial ‘Mary Poppins’.

Marlo (a terrific Charlize Theron) is days away from giving birth to her third child - “Such a blessing” she mutters. In truth, her husband (Ron Livingston) plays video games every night, her son may get kicked out of his private school kindergarten, and Marlo’s brother Craig (Mark Duplass) correctly fears she’s speeding toward another breakdown.

Craig offers to pay for a night nanny to help her out, and while reluctant at first, Marlo welcomes Tully (Mackenzie Davis) into her home, and they instantly form a unique friendship that will change their lives forever.

This is a wonderful movie about the lies we tell ourselves to stay sane - and the reasons why we might need to tell the truth.