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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

The film tells the story of courageous and creative women from India who successfully fight against violence.

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Forced marriages, domestic violence, over 100,000 wives killed by fire in so called "household accidents" every year - in India, violence against women is omnipresent and nearly all women, independent of class, caste and religion are affected. Because Police and Justice hardly give any protection or aid, women in India have organised to fight against this violence and injustice.

They founded the "Women for Justice" and the "Nari Adalat" women´s courts. Every week they gather on the roof terrace of the local government or on a dusty place under a tree and dispense justice themselves. With quick-wittedness and creativity they put beating husbands and quarrelsome mother-in-laws in their place. And - if necessary - they go in as a "heavy squad” to help a poor widow, who was thrown out of the house with her little daughter after the death of her husband, to regain her belongings.

With the intimate feel of a documentary and the audacious storytelling of a Werner Herzog's film, ‘Women for Justice’ delivers a complex and nuanced take on an issue of international importance. "Heartfelt thanks for your film which touched me very much." Peter Lilienthal, Prize Winner of the Berlinale’s Golden Bear and of the German Film Award. (Subtitles)

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