Women in British Cinema

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From Kitchen to Boardroom: The representation of women in British film from the 1940’s to the present day.

Screening Diversity

Rosemary Coxon , Education Officer at CCANP, invites you to join her for three sessions to look at the roles actresses played in three significant periods of British film history - the 1940’s to 50’s,the 1960’s and the 20th Century

Has the perception of women in film and in society changed over these years and if not, why not?
By looking at a host of film clips and the opinions of critics, actresses and directors we will try to find answers to these questions.
Please join us at the cinema!

(Studio – Tickets £14 for three sessions – or £6 each)

Fri 24 Mar 13:30, Fri 31 Mar 13:30, Fri 7 Apr 13:30

This course is part of:
Screening Diversity in the British Cinema
A Special Event at Chichester Cinema at New Park

Over a few weeks we will screen four films of the period which, in raising similar issues, tested and extended the boundaries drawn by the British Board of Film Censors: ‘The Killing of Sister George’, ‘The L-Shaped Room’ and ‘The Children's Hour’.

This event will also include a course on 'Women in Hollywood' and a day-course on Saturday 4th March looking at the links between film, censorship and public opinion in the early ‘60s. It will include many relevant clips. We are delighted to welcome as our lead speaker Brian Robinson, who has spent 25 years on the staff of the British Film Institute - most recently as Communications Manager, Archive and Heritage - and since 2000 has programmed the BFI’s London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

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Screening Diversity

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