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From Kitchen to Boardroom: How Women’s changing place in society was reflected in films of the day.

Screening Diversity

The position of women in American society experienced dramatic changes in the Depression decade of the 1930s, and then again during and immediately after the Second World War. After a period of relative calm, the feminist movement of the 1970s led to seismic changes in the way in which women participate in American economic, political and social life.

How did Hollywood cinema react to these developments? What sort of roles did it propose for the American woman during these times of profound social change?

Nick Smedley, an expert in the history of Hollywood cinema, who has written about the portrayal of women in American cinema from 1930 to the present day, navigates us through the complex reactions in Hollywood during these challenging times. Nick will bring out many surprising developments in this period, illustrated copiously with clips from the Golden Age to the modern day.

This is an interactive day course, with short talks, discussion groups, Q&A and maybe even a quick film quiz. Don't miss it!'

(Studio – Tickets £10 - Friends/Students £9)

Sat 18 Mar 10:00 - 15:00

This course is part of:
Screening Diversity in the British Cinema
A Special Event at Chichester Cinema at New Park

Over a few weeks we will screen four films of the period which, in raising similar issues, tested and extended the boundaries drawn by the British Board of Film Censors: 'Victim', ‘Sapphire', ‘The L-Shaped Room’ and ‘The Children's Hour’.

This event will also include a course on 'Women in British Cinema' and a day-course on Saturday 4th March looking at the links between film, censorship and public opinion in the early ‘60s. It will include many relevant clips. We are delighted to welcome as our lead speaker Brian Robinson, who has spent 25 years on the staff of the British Film Institute - most recently as Communications Manager, Archive and Heritage - and since 2000 has programmed the BFI’s London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

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Screening Diversity

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