Woody Allen: Seriously Funny Film Course

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A two day film course (over 2 weeks) on the American living legend, Woody Allen.

Woody Allen is a unique American filmmaker. Prolific (averaging one film release a year), controversial, celebrated and reviled, Allen is never far from the box office or the headlines. Love him or hate him, his features still attract world class actors, cinematographers and collaborators.

This course takes us through Woody Allen’s entire filmmaking career and delves into the what have become known as the “early funny films” and the “later serious films”. We will explore his American classics (Annie Hall, Manhattan, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Blue Jasmine) and his recent Europe-set features (Midnight in Paris, Cassandra’s Dream, Match Point), whilst looking at how his work is received, financed and reviewed.

Gareth Evans is Head of Media Studies at Bishop Luffa School. He has studied Woody Allen’s work at Master’s degree level and is a film and film education journalist.

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Tickets: £10 for 2 days (Friends £8)
Or £6 per class (Friends £5)

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