Young Ahmed Le Jeune Ahmed

Young Ahmed

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Belgium's Dardenne brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc, always sympathetic to stories of troubled youth, take a controversial turn in this portrait of a radicalised Muslim teen.

Ahmed (played by newcomer Idir Ben Addi)) finds himself caught between his imam's ideals of unity and life's temptations. As the film opens, he has developed a dangerous connection with a militant imam (Othmane Moumen), who plants poisonous ideas in the boy’s head. At school, Ahmed refuses to shake the hand of his teacher Inès (Myriem Akheddiou) because she’s a woman, while at home, he tells off his white mum (Claire Bodson), in Arabic, for drinking alcohol.

Clues suggests these changes in Ahmed’s attitude are recent, as a boy who seems to have been a relatively normal teen just weeks before has become obsessed with prayer and the “purity” of those around him.

Cast Idir Ben Addi, Olivier Bonnaud, Myriem Akheddiou, Victoria Bluck. “There is an urgency to ‘The Young Ahmed’, not only in the personality of the character but in the way events quickly escalate … compelling and thought-provoking.” – Screen. (Subtitles)

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