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21 Aug 2023

Chichester Cinema welcomes both celebrities and local Homeless Charities

The 31st Chichester International Film Festival hosted a world premiere of the documentary I’M STILL HERE on Sat 19 Aug, with special guests that included Elizabeth McGovern and co-directors Franc Vissers and Elizabeth Healey.

We were delighted to welcome three local homeless charities to increase awareness of the issues raised in the film. Click on their names below to find out more.


– support and empower homeless and vulnerable people to achieve sustainable independence and wellbeing.

The Four Streets Projects:

– is a group of around 35 volunteers, made up of local residents of Chichester who work together to provide nightly support to the homeless, hungry and vulnerable of Chichester.

Heart Chichester:

– is a partnership of local churches in Chichester, who want to play our part in helping some of the most vulnerable people in Chichester. We know that together we can be more effective than alone. Most of our volunteers are drawn from local churches.


Elizabeth McGovern (Producer), Elizabeth Healey (co-Director) & Franc Vissers (co-Director)