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09 Aug 2023

Local charities come together to support Chichester Film Festival premiere of I’m Still Here

The Chichester International Film Festival has launched this month with an exciting programme of films, documentaries, premieres, retrospectives and more. One of the much-anticipated screenings includes I’m Still Here, a powerful documentary which will premiere at the Film Festival on 19 August.

Directed and filmed by Franc Vissers and writer, actor and presenter, Elizabeth Healey, the film highlights the experience and insights of the people who were left on the streets as London shutdown.

The film depicts the struggles faced by those with no access to food and water, who slept on the streets of London and were vulnerable, exposed and threatened by illness and starvation. The film also documents how Under One Sky, a UK charity supporting those experiencing homelessness, helped them to survive the pandemic, through donations of hot meals and supplies, but most of all through their donation of time.

Mikkel Juel Iversen, Producer of the film and Under One Sky founder, comments: “That Under One Sky’s efforts to save lives on the streets of London during Covid-19 would end up on the big screen with a world premiere at Chichester International Film Festival is the stuff of dreams”.

Walter Francisco, Chichester Cinema Director & Programmer, comments: “We are thrilled to be showing the premiere of I’m Still Here at Chichester Cinema as part of the Festival. Not only is it a superb documentary but it also carries some very powerful messages about human connection and raises awareness of the ever-growing issue of homelessness.”

Click on the image to view the I’M STILL HERE Film Page.

Following the premiere, there will be a Q&A with Frank Vissers, Elizabeth Healey and Elizabeth McGovern of Downton Abbey, who is executive producer of the film. The Q&A provides an opportunity for the audience to take part in an engaging discussion about the documentary with its makers.

To support the screening and Q&A, Chichester Cinema and Under One Sky have teamed up with local homeless charities Stonepillow, The Four Streets Project and Heart Chichester. The charities will be available after the film in the cinema’s café area to discuss the issues covered and the work being delivered here in Chichester to support homeless people.

Debbie Jupe, Head of Partnerships, Fundraising and Communications at Stonepillow, said: ”Stonepillow is delighted that the global premiere of I’m Still Here will be held in our home city of Chichester. The pandemic gave us all a common enemy. It galvanised a coalition of the willing to pick up the mantel and protect the most vulnerable within our communities”.

All future profits from the film are being donated to charity Under One Sky and the main protagonists of the documentary.

Chichester International Film Festival is supported by Film Hub Southeast and sponsored by Greenwood Wealth Solutions.
Thank you also to the New Park Community Centre and the New Park Sports & Social Club in support of this event.

Click HERE to view the I’M STILL HERE Film Page.