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Little People, Big Screen

20 Apr 2022

Our work in the community is thriving

Six more local schools have taken part in our ‘Little People, Big Screen‘ initiative – in partnership with STEM – with a gala screening taking place on Saturday 16 April at the New Park Auditorium.

The cinema funds this initiative where groups of young children are led through the filmmaking process using the ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ book series, which highlights the lives of important people in history. The children, led by Ali Khan from STEM, use green screen technology to produce wonderful 3-5 minute short films.

Iconic figures featured in the latest films included: Frida Kahlo, David Attenborough, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elton John, Dolly Parton and Nelson Mandela.

The children then bring their families to New Park where we project their films on to the big screen, and award them with their own film trophies and family cinema tickets.

We thank everyone who purchases tickets to films at Chichester Cinema at New Park, as part of your money goes into funding these wonderful community events.