Opportunities for Schools at the Cinema

17 Apr 2023

Chichester Cinema at New Park Invites Local Schools to Enhance Students’ Learning Through Film Workshops


Chichester Cinema at New Park’s Education Team is providing an exciting and engaging opportunity for local schools and colleges to take part in free, expert-led workshops in their cinema auditorium. The workshops are designed in collaboration with teaching staff to complement and support their students’ curriculum and are aimed at pupils studying at Key Stage 2, GCSE and A Level.

Film can bring to life historical events, cultural traditions and diverse perspectives in a way that is both educational and inspiring. It can also introduce complex topics and ideas in a digestible and entertaining format, making it an effective tool for sparking curiosity and promoting critical thinking.

Patrick Hargood, Education Officer at Chichester Cinema at New Park, said: “Chichester Cinema’s charitable status means that we are committed to supporting and advancing the education of young people in the knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the art of film. We want to work with teachers and tutors to curate bespoke workshops for a film-related session on a curriculum topic their students are studying.”

The team has already collaborated with Year 4 pupils from Chichester Free School, creating a film reel exploring famous artists and discussing clips from the Disney film ‘Fantasia’, which was heavily influenced by German artist Heinrich Kley. The pupils then created storyboards of their favourite scenes.

The cinema has worked with Chichester High School and Felpham Community College to create bespoke sessions on Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ and ‘Othello’ on film, for students studying A Level English Literature.

Over 200 GCSE students from Bishop Luffa School also recently visited the cinema for a workshop on ‘Macbeth’ on film while the school’s A Level students enjoyed a session dedicated to the talents of Tarantino and Hitchcock as part of their curriculum studies.

Patrick continued: “We are delighted by the response we’ve had so far to our workshops. We are confident that we can continue to use the power of cinema and film to curate engaging workshops on any theme that the students are studying.  All we require is advanced notice so we can plan a thought provoking and stimulating session that enriches understanding and enjoyment of the topic.”

Andrea Hodson, Teacher of English at Chichester High School, said: “The session at the cinema was a really excellent way to introduce the text (‘Frankenstein’) to the students and they were then enthused to read the novel itself. The team clearly put so much work into these events and have such a depth of knowledge. We look forward to returning for more sessions.”

To find out more or to book a bespoke workshop with Chichester Cinema’s Education Team please contact pwhargood@gmail.com.