Season : Ruby Tuesdays

Ruby Tuesday Films

Milestones of the Past 40 Years: 1979-2019

From February through to December on each first and third Tuesdays of the month, we will be screening milestones and highlights of specific years in our Cinema history.

In most cases, we will be charging an admission price of £2, reflecting the original ticket price in the first few years as a film society at the Chichester College of Technology in the 80’s.

Manhattan - 1979 - An early success of the cinema
Brazil - 1985 was British Film Year
Testimony - 1987 - Year we move into the New Park Centre
The Ladykillers - 1990 (& 1996) - Alec Guiness visits the Cinema
Secrets and Lies - 1996: Film Society of the Year Awards
Van Gogh – FREE - 1992: First Chichester Film Festival
The War of the Roses - 1989: Kathleen Turner Visit
Run Lola Run - 1998: 1st Festival Audience Award
The Bookshop - 2002: The Friends of the Cinema Founded
Belleville Rendez-Vous - 2003: Walter Francisco Joins the New Park Team
Cold War – 2005: New Park joins Europa Cinemas
The Smallest Show on Earth - 2006: Retractable Seating Installed
High Society - 2008: 1st Festival Open Air Screening
Mahler - 2007 & 09: Ken Russell's visits to New Park
Surprise Film - 2009: Surprise Film introduced in the 18th Festival
Love and Death - 1979: Where it all began
The Leopard – 2012: Digital Equipment installed
Faust - 2012: Silent Film with Live Music began
Bird – 2013: Jazz Film & Gig series began

Below are the Ruby Tuesday films on sale at the moment: