Season : French Film Festival On Tour

French Film Festival

LE FÊTE DU CINEMA - 26th Edition
9 November – 6 December 2018

The French Film Festival 2018, now in its 26th edition, is the pre-eminent celebration of Francophone cinema in the UK involving more than 30 leading independent cinemas, and comes to Chichester again for 30 days of embarrassing riches with over 20 films.

12 of these films will be imported from France as special premieres, with only single shows allowed. With selections covering everything from contemporary, documentaries, a family film to three classic films starring Gerard Depardieu, Brigit Bardot and Alain Delon, don’t miss this wonderful assortment, many of which will not be screened again. All will be presented in the original French versions with English subtitles. Please see the individual films on our website for further information.

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French Film Festival