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September Podcast

06 Sep 2021

September’s podcast is out


The latest Chichester CineFile podcast is now available, and you can listen to September’s podcast – episode 19 – here:


CLICK HERE to listen to the Chichester CineFile Podcast

The podcast, which is produced monthly, previews the programme at the cinema over the next few weeks, helping you to decide what to watch. It also includes film-based features, details of upcoming education events and general chat about cinema.


In the new edition, with the 29th Chichester International Film Festival drawing to a close, the podcast team’s festival experiences are discussed with the cinema’s operations manager Richard Warburton, while education officer Rosemary Coxon looks forward to a major event planned for October. September’s programme at Chichester Cinema at New Park is previewed and a listener describes her unforgettable film, the one that means the most to her.


If you would like to talk about your unforgettable film, contact us at walter@chichestercinema.org, and mark it podcast. The team would love to hear from you. It could be a film that changed your life, one that you saw at a significant moment, or just a movie you love.


If you have any thoughts about the podcast in terms of length, content or anything, really, please do get in touch on the same email address. The podcast is aimed at cinema goers and so feedback will help the team produce the right content for the listeners.


Also, if you have any suggestions for feature topics, please let us know. Subjects covered in previous editions have included gumshoes (private eyes), jazz musicians, writers like Patricia Highsmith and Herman J Mankiewicz, food in film, and much more.


The podcast is aimed to be published in the first few days of each month, and you can listen regularly by subscribing through Apple, Spotify and all the other regular podcast providers, or by clicking the link above.


Sandy Guthrie, from the Chichester CineFile podcast