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UK Cinema Association Regional Conference

19 Nov 2021

On Thursday 18 November, Walter Francisco (Cinema Director & Programmer) and Richard Warburton (Operations Manager) spent the day at the UK Cinema Association regional conference at the beautiful Regent Street Cinema.

Opened in 1848 and regarded as “the birthplace of British cinema”, in February 1896 at this venue, the Lumière Brothers screened the first motion picture shown in the UK. 🎬

Don’t get fooled by the image – we did learn some stuff – it was not all cocktails at the bar! 🍹🍹🍹

One thing that did become very obvious at the conference, is that the quality of films that are coming up in the next six months is very high… especially as the big distributors and production companies line up their ‘thoroughbred’ films for the 2022 awards season.

Exciting times ahead.