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Green Screen: Eco Film Fest


Coming up with ideas for Chichester’s contribution to The Big Green Week, a national event to raise awareness of our climate change emergency, taking place at the end of September, thoughts by the city’s various eco groups quickly turned to film.

No surprise there as film is such a powerful medium to inspire, educate, expose, entertain and call to action. So, we are delighted to be teaming up with Chichester Cinema at New Park to put on four films on Mondays from September 19 to October 10. Look out for the Green Screen logo.

These stunning documentaries from around the world have been carefully chosen to provide cinema-goers with hope, optimism and solutions while facing up to and exploring the damage we have wreaked on the planet. They might give you a renewed sense of wonder and respect for our natural world, they may encourage you to rise up, they may enthuse you to reset your life or make changes to the everyday. We really hope so.

Sue Gilson
On behalf of Transition Chichester and Eco Chi