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A Cat Called Dom

Will Anderson & Ainslie Henderson | 2022 | 75 MINS
Scottish animators Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson star in and co-direct this inventive documentary where an animator edits together pieces of a failed film for his mother.

In Detail

Albeit framed as a film for Will's mother, we too are invited to witness how Will deals with the grief of his mother's cancer.

The duo work on their animations and face the frustrations of trying to make this documentary. Whilst alone, Will turns to DOM, the animated cat that lives on his laptop screen. Over the course of several confusing years, struggling to raise finance and complicating everyone’s lives, the project stalls. Attempting to reclaim the initial sentiment of the film, and in the hope of finding closure for both him and his mum, Will edits together pieces of the failed film to share with her.

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