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All My Friends Hate Me

Andrew Gaynord | 2021 | 93 MINS
Pete is cautiously excited about reuniting with his college crew for a birthday weekend. But, one by one, his friends slowly turn against him. Is he being punished, is he paranoid, or is he part of some sick joke?

In Detail

The story hinges on a simple notion about the unnatural forces that might compel a 31-year-old neurotic like Pete to keep even his most toxic college friendships on life support: he’s mortified about the man he used to be, but the only people who can let him off the hook are the ones who knew him back then.

They’re the only ones who might be able to appreciate how much he’s changed. A funny, horrible, ordeal-by-comedy that may prove uncomfortably recognizable to anyone who has ever wondered why on earth every single other person in the room is behaving like such an idiot.

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