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Carolina Cavalli | 2022 | 93 MINS
Italy / France | Subtitles
A wealthy young woman, friendless and lost after studying abroad, sets about recovering an old friendship she thinks she once had.

In Detail

Amanda (Benedetta Porcaroli) has finished an unsatisfying period in Paris studying and returned to her wealthy family home in Italy, the scene of a near-drowning childhood accident in the swimming pool and the base for her extended dysfunctional clan.

Like someone awakening from a dream, Amanda realises she has no boyfriend, no job and no friends. So when her mother (Monica Nappo) tells her that she once played as a little kid with a local girl called Rebecca, the daughter of her mother’s friend (Giovanna Mezzogiorno), Amanda sets out with fanatical determination to re-befriend this now adult woman. A refreshingly unconventional and acidic deadpan comic portrait of an offbeat female friendship.

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