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Annie Colère

Blandine Lenoir | 2021 | 120 MINS
France | Subtitles
Annie becomes pregnant. Since she doesn't want to keep the child, she becomes involved with a movement that performs illegal abortions. It is the ’70s and Annie will encounter both allies and opponents along the way.

In Detail

A village in France, 1974. When she accidentally becomes pregnant, Annie, a working mother of two teenagers, joins the Movement for the Liberation of Abortion and Contraception (MLAC): a network of doctors and women who carry out illegal abortions, but practise a free, safe and respectful method.

The process is explained to her thoroughly, calmly and without judgement by two volunteers, Hélène and Monique, and performed by a liberal, sympathetic doctor. The experience, along with a personal tragedy, inspires her to help other women receive the same care, and she soon finds herself a dedicated member of MLAC, juggling a new purpose in life and existing obligations at home with her husband Philippe . Blandine Lenoir’s film is not too concerned with the political aspect of the quest to legalise abortions in 1970s France, but instead offers a gentle insight into the compassion, bravery and care the women and men of MLAC.

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